Creating with CSS is what I do.

Wordpress Design and Dev.

Bands awesome album made website and connected to all their social media and sound cloud for the player.
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ACA and Bootstrap3

Healthcare equality and freedom of choice, powered by a universal single payer system.

Brand Your Facebook

Let us make your facebook look like your brand, what? You dont have a brand or know how to use facebook. Examples of Carmelo's branded FB pages for Northsocial clients.
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From SASS or LESS to CSS I can FrontEND design/develop any CMS with cross browser compatibility and responsive web design for mobile to desktop visitors.


Wireframing Ux/Ui

  • The pencil is the most important tool in designing a good ux/ui.

  • Drawing out a plan helps in structuring the content

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NiLO designs LA

My Design Firm Style

  • Created this look to appeal to a more professional target audience with side on playful

  • Staying on top/ahead of the web trends i chose to go with a detailed sectioned out single landing page to show case my projects

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Custom Builds & Frameworks

  • I can use frameworks as well as create my own custom frameworks

  • Using premade frameworks saves time on prototyping and building

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